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Surcharge timeslots during peak hours

Published: 20-04-2023 09:38
Last changed: 20-04-2023 09:38

Next Monday, 24 April 2023, RWG will start with a surcharge of €15 (excl. VAT) for booking a time slot during peak hours, between 06:00 hrs and 17:59 hrs from Monday to Friday. Time slots from Monday 24 April 2023 can only be booked if you have agreed to the conditions of RWG.

Have you not yet agreed to the conditions? Then we ask you to do this as soon as possible. You can agree via your Secure Logistics account in XS-ID Online. Then go to the company details page and scroll down until you reach the 'contracts' section. You can then agree here (put a green check mark) to the Conditions of RWG for booking time slots. Without an agreement, time slots, both during and after peak hours, can no longer be booked from Monday 24 April 2023. The actual invoicing will also start from Monday 24 April 2023 at 06:00 hrs.

The weekly collective invoice for the surcharge for time slots at RWG is sent to the EAN number associated with the booking. The CargoCard plays no role in this, except that it is linked to the XS-ID. To clarify: The booking party receives the invoice, based on the EAN number together with the agreement to the conditions in XS-ID. The invoice only states the number of booked time slots, you can view more information via XS-ID Online.

Furthermore, the surcharge applies per booking of a time slot, not per container. If a combined pre-notification is possible, you pay the surcharge once.

Cargo cards with more than 60 time slots booked per year are eligible for a refund of the subscription fee applicable from the effective date of this surcharge.

The answers to frequently asked questions can be found at www.rwg.nl. For invoice-related questions you can contact Secure Logistics via rwg@secure-logistics.nl, other questions can be asked to RWG via customerservice@rwg.nl.

RWG is operational 24/7 and deploys 100% handling capacity for truck handling during these times.