20 jan

New DP World inland service to RWG

Published: 20-01-2022 16:49
Last changed: 20-01-2022 16:49

DP World is launching a premium inland service between the Upper-Rhine region and Rotterdam World Gateway from 1 February 2022.  

The advantage of this new service is that bundling of containers in the hinterland makes it possible to call at only one terminal in Rotterdam in a fixed schedule to and from Rotterdam World Gateway. This improves the reliability of the service and reduces the emissions per TEU due to the higher load factor of the barges and the shorter stay in the port.   

Rotterdam World Gateway offers 6 other inland shipping concepts in addition to this service. DP World manages several P&O terminals and has developed its Inland Network throughout Europe with a view to a streamlined and cost-efficient approach. DP World's Inland Portfolio now consists of 12 inland terminals: three in Germany, four in Switzerland, two in Belgium and three in the Alsace region of France.