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Request road transport for accelerated pick-up

Published: 15-11-2021 13:31
Last changed: 15-11-2021 13:31

Due to general high occupancy and significant peaks at the RWG terminal, it is of importance that containers are picked up as soon as possible.

RWG mainly requests road transport not to wait until the container vessels HMM Algeciras, CMA CGM Montmartre and HMM Dublin, which will be berthed at the quay this week with large call sizes, have been completed. This also counts for the recently completed HMM Hanbada. The container status can be checked via RWGServices. Transporters can also check MCA Portbase via a status request. When the container has been offloaded and all is in order, they can make an appointment. RWG offers 24/7 capacity for all modalities, including road transport. 

For questions regarding the gate process you can contact the department Data Control & Gate via email address dcg@rwg.nl.  For questions regarding water side and rail handling you can contact the department Operations via email address operations@rwg.nl