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Surcharge on time slots during peak hours

Published: 18-11-2022 13:15
Last changed: 18-11-2022 13:15

RWG continuously strives to further optimize logistics handling at the terminal. In this context, RWG will implement a change to the time slots in the truck appointment system to better streamline the handling process at the terminal and to optimize the available capacity.

From Wednesday 1 February 2023, a surcharge of €15 (excl. VAT) will be required to book a timeslot during peak hours, between 06:00 hrs and 17:59 hrs on weekdays. The introduction of this change is a measure that RWG is taking in connection with the high volumes at the terminal at the relevant times. It is important that there is more spread in delivery of containers by road. This is not only in the interest of RWG, but for the entire value chain. With this measure, RWG wants to make better use of the occupancy of the time slots in order to realize a more efficient flow of containers and to make better use of the available capacity.

There will be no further changes to the booking process. If an appointment is booked during peak hours, RWG will charge a surcharge. This invoice is sent by partner Secure Logistics. More information is available at www.rwg.nl, where you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

In order to guarantee a smooth and efficient flow during the peak hours mentioned, we would like to kindly request all truck operators to use their Secure Logistics account and log in to XS-ID Online from Friday 18 November 2022. Then go to the company details page and scroll down until you arrive at the 'contracts' heading. You can then agree to the (put a green check mark) General Terms and Conditions of RWG for the booking of time slots. Without approval, it will not be possible to book a time slot from Saturday 31 December 2022. The actual invoicing of the surcharge will start on Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Carriers who book a time slot more than sixty times, per Cargo Card, a year will receive a refund of the costs of the CargoCards they have put into use. This condition applies 1 year after the start of invoicing.

RWG is operational 24/7 and deploys 100% handling capacity for the handling of trucks during these times.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found via www.rwg.nl.