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Adjustment time slot system at RWG

Published: 28-10-2022 13:05
Last changed: 28-10-2022 13:05

RWG is continuously working on optimizing its services. In consultation with the VERN and AZV (submarket of TLN), work has recently been done on an adjustment of the time slot system at RWG.

The adjustment means that the current time slot system at truck level will be differentiated by type of operation, i.e. whether delivery (full/empty) or pick-up (full/empty) is possible within a time slot. Time slots by handling type means a new way of working for some companies. A very important change is that when an import time slot is full, it is no longer possible to combine an import container to a full export or empty return container. The reverse is possible. 

Of course, the slot occupancy indicator on both the RWG website and in the RWG app will be adapted to the modified time slot system. 

The adjustment will undeniably have consequences. It has therefore been decided to implement the adjustment during the weekend of Saturday 5 November 2022 and Sunday 6 November 2022 so that there is time to adapt the working method to the new situation. The adjustment of the time slot system will take effect on Monday 7 November 2022. 

RWG expects that this adjustment will take some getting used to in the first few days for both RWG and road transport. We also expect that we will have to jointly fine-tune the system before it works optimally, and we start to experience the benefits as a chain. 

By differentiating the time slots in this way, it is possible for RWG to facilitate the market even better. 

We hope to have informed you sufficiently and count on your understanding.