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23 Jul
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Container status information at RWG upfront

As of today road hauliers are able to view the container status, even before pre-notification and application of a time slot (TAR). RWG is the first terminal with this new functionality. The functionality was already available for the services Barge and Rail planning and is now also supported for trucking companies who are using the new service Hinterland Container Notification of Portbase.

Advantage of the new service is that it is no longer necessary to book a time slot to view the status of a container. More information about how to use the new functionality and about the service Hinterland Container Notification can be found at

12 Jul
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Maiden Call CMA CGM Jean Mermoz

The CMA CGM Jean Mermoz will have its maiden call at RWG on Sunday 15 July 2018. The Jean Mermoz is the second 20,600 TEU vessel of CMA CGM in a series of three. The ship, with a length of 400 meters and a width of 59 meters, is one of the largest ships of the moment and is also one of the world’s most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly ships. On Sunday March 18 2018 the first vessel of the series, the CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery, had its maiden call at RWG. Both ships are deployed in the NEU4 service of the Ocean Alliance between Asia en Nothern Europe, which calls weekly at the RWG terminal. 

07 May
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AEX service HMM to RWG

As of week 19, the independent Asia-Europe service of shareholder HMM will call the RWG terminal on a weekly basis. The first vessel of this service, the Hyundai Forward, will arrive at RWG on Thursday May 10th.
05 Apr
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Maiden Call MOL Treasure

The MOL Treasure will make its maiden call at RWG on Saturday 7 April 2018. After the Triumph, Trust, Tribute, Tradition, Truth, the Treasure is MOL’s last 20.000 TUE vessel in series of six. Just like its predecessors, the Tradition is deployed in the FE2 service of The Alliance. With a length of 400 meters and width of 59 meters, the Tradition is one of the largest vessels at present.