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17 May
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Maiden call MOL Triumph

On Friday May 19th, the MOL Triumph will make her maiden call at RWG. The MOL Triumph is 400 meters long, 58 meters wide and has a capacity of 20.170 TEU. As such, it is the first vessel with a capacity of over 20.000 TEU to call on the port of Rotterdam. The MOL Triumph is deployed in the FE2 service of The Alliance and is the first vessel from this service to call on the RWG terminal.
03 May
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RWG introduces barge barometer

RWG has developed a barge barometer to give market parties more insight into the expected occupancy at the terminal. The barge barometer can be consulted via the RWGServices website and application and gives an indication of the expected occupancy at the RWG terminal for the coming seven days. If desired, the barge operator can take this expected occupancy into account when planning or requesting a visit. Communication about the barge operator’s requested ETA will be provided by RWG via Portbase at least 24 hours prior to the requested ETA. The more busy it is at the RWG terminal, the higher the chance that the provided ETA will deviate from the barge operator’s requested ETA.

The barge barometer is always up to date since the barge barometer is being updated automatically and real time. As a result, we can provide a reliable indication of the expected occupancy at the terminal. The barge barometer however does not give any guarantee about the by RWG communicated ETAs.
18 Apr
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New services Ocean Alliance and The Alliance

As from April 1st 2017 the new alliances are deploying their services and schedules. In the coming months, these schedules will be phased in. This means that for RWG some changes will take place.
From the Ocean Alliance the Far East services NEU4 and NEU5 will call the RWG terminal, as well as the Transatlantic service TAT3. Furthermore, RWG will welcome the Far East services FE2 and FE4 from The Alliance. The current EPIC and FEMEX services will continue to call the RWG terminal.

With these changes RWG takes a next step in the further development of the terminal.
14 Apr
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Implementation minimum call size barge handling

RWG continuously strives to optimize container handling at the terminal. With the introduction of the new services of the new alliances, RWG takes a next step in the further development of its terminal.

In order to realize as efficient and reliable barge handling as possible, RWG is forced to implement a minimum call size for barge operators. As from May 15th 2017 RWG will not accept requests under 15 containers. The goal of this measure is to make better use of the available barge handling capacity at RWG.