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14 Dec
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Changed date maintenance

In contrast to our earlier message, maintenance on RWG's Terminal Operating System will be performed on Saturday 16 December 2017 from 18:00 until 20:00. As a result, no land and water side handling will take place and no time slots can be booked within this time frame. It is however possible to book a time slot before and after the maintenance.

For questions regarding the gate process you can contact the department Data Control & Gate via phone number +31 (0)10-7422150 or email address For questions regarding water side and rail handling you can contact the department Operations via phone number +31 (0)10-7422140 or email address
05 Dec
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Adjusted opening hours Christmas and New Year

Due to Christmas and New Year’s celebration, the RWG terminal will be closed from Sunday December 24th 3 PM until Tuesday December 26th 7 AM. On December 24th, the last time slot to be booked is from 12 PM until 2 PM (drive-in is possible until 2:30 PM) and on December 26th, the first time slot to be booked is from 8 AM until 10 AM.

Furthermore, the terminal will also be closed from Sunday December 31st 3 PM until Monday January 1st 3 PM. On December 31st, the last time slot to be booked is from 12 PM until 2 PM (drive-in is possible until 2:30 PM) and on January 1st, the first time slot to be booked is from 4 PM until 6 PM.

Within the above-mentioned timeframes, no operational activities will be carried out on the RWG terminal.

Please also consult the information page on RWGServices for our normal and adjusted opening hours during the holidays.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.
21 Nov
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Launch Ruhr Express

Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), CMA CGM and barge operator HTS have together launched the “Ruhr Express” . After a short pilot period, all parties agreed upon continuing the new concept.

The Ruhr Express, operated by barge operator HTS, offers a point-to-point connection twice a week between deep sea terminal RWG and Duisburg (D3T) and has a semi fixed slot that moves along with the windows of a number of CMA CGM’s deep sea services. This solution guarantees a connection between the deep sea services of CMA CGM and inland shipping, which is beneficial for all parties in the logistics chain. With this point-to-point construction and flexibility in the sailing schedules of the barges, HTS has realized reliable connection between RWG and the German hinterland. Moreover, the efficiency of barge handling on the RWG terminal will increase as a result of greater call sizes.

With this innovative solution, CMA CGM, RWG and HTS fulfill a pioneering role. The collective initiative is an answer to the growing peaks at deep sea terminals as a result of deep sea scale increase and contributes to the further optimization of RWG’s barge product.
24 Oct
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Procedure nuclear detection at RWG

At RWG, nuclear detection of containers and cargo takes place during the in- and outgoing truck gate process. To ensure a streamlined process, RWG and Customs have developed a leaflet about what to do in case of an alarm during nuclear detection at the RWG terminal. The leaflet can be consulted on the website RWGServices and is available in Dutch and English. To view the leaflet go to the website of RWGServices (Information/Documents).