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Sustainability contribution and peak surcharge

Published: 08-04-2024 14:21
Last changed: 08-04-2024 14:21

RWG continuously strives to further optimize the logistics process at its terminal. In this context, RWG has added the expected discharge time of containers to the data elements in MCA* as of mid-February 2024. With this addition, in addition to all other investments by RWG in the landside process, it is now possible to plan the collection of containers even more efficiently.

To be able to share high-quality data in the future and to continue investing in the landside process, the peak surcharge will be increased by EUR 2.50 (excluding VAT) to EUR 17.50 (excluding VAT) as of May 1, 2024.

RWG is a 100% CO2-neutral terminal for all its own equipment. Sustainability is an important strategic objective for RWG. Based on this strategy, RWG has drawn up a very extensive ongoing investment program for the coming years, in order to be a structural partner for all modalities in the transition to 100% CO2-neutral supply chains on water, road and rail. Partly so that all parties can comply in a timely manner with all future obligations imposed by the EU and other government agencies in relation to this objective. In this context, a sustainability contribution of EUR 2.95 (excluding VAT) per truck visit will be introduced from May 1, 2024. This contribution does not apply to zero-emission trucks.


New general terms and conditions

Due to these new developments, RWG's general terms and conditions have been changed. Anyone who wants to use RWG's services must therefore re-accept RWG's general terms and conditions in the SecureLogistics portal before April 30, 2024. If the amended conditions are not accepted again before May 1, 2024, time slots cannot be booked at RWG from May 1, 2024. For more information: www.rwg.nl


*While RWG makes every effort to ensure that the Expected Discharge Time (“ETD”) is accurate and up to date, the ETD is an indication only. RWG is not responsible or liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions or for the consequences of the use of the ETD. The ETD is provided in its actual state, without guarantee of its completeness, accuracy and timeliness. Use of the ETD is at your own risk and RWG accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such use.